Storrow Drive or Storrow Stroll

The Globe published two letters today from people opposed to the proposed Sunday morning closure of the westbound lanes of Storrow Drive/Soldiers Field Road. One is from a Belmont resident concerned about her commute to church in Boston. One thing to consider is that the closure is proposed to end at 10:30 and only affect the westbound lanes. So her trip to church would be unaffected and her trip home would only be affected if she is driving home before 10:30.

According to Google Maps, the fastest way to get from downtown Boston to Belmont doesn't use Storrow Drive at all. Taking the Mass Pike to Newton is a 21 minute trip, Storrow Drive to Route 2 is a 25 minute trip, Mass Ave to Concord Ave is a 25 minute trip, and using the Longfellow Bridge to Broadway and Concord Ave is a 27 minute trip.

Maybe this these lane closures are a bad idea and the negative impact would be greater than the benefit, but let's understand the impact using facts instead of a small sample of anecdotal opinion.

It's Storrow Drive, not Storrow Stroll - The Boston Globe

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  1. Not sure what time her service is, but a pre 10:30am return is plausible. If I understand correctly, by your numbers Storrow drive is the fastest route without a toll; something of increasing importance as toll rates rise. Based on this, I wouldn't discount her complaint.