TAB & Crimson coverage of Harvard Task Force meeting

Neighbors ‘completely dissatisfied’ with Harvard benefits plan - Allston/Brighton TAB

The Harvard-Allston Task Force is “completely dissatisfied” with the $21 million community benefits package proposed by Harvard, and will meet separately with both the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the university to discuss possible last-minute changes.

“I think what we wanted was to be able to dazzle our community,” said task force member Millie McGlaughlin. “Now we’re at a point where people don’t feel they did a good enough job for the community, and that’s difficult to hear, as a member of the community.”
The Harvard Crimson :: Allston Residents Balk At Proposed Benefits

“It seems like some of these dollars do not accrue to our needs, but instead to exactions—mandated payments that don’t filter down to our local community,” Task Force chairman Ray Mellone said.

“None of the proposals and suggestions we made have been incorporated into the second draft of the proposal,” said Task Force member Brent Whelan. “Harvard says that they’ve considered them, but I can’t see that there has been any effect of that.”

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