Menino selects Kairos Shen to be the City of Boston’s new Chief Planner

In this press release, the Mayor announced yesterday that Boston once again has a chief City planner. This position has been vacant since Rebecca Barnes left in May 2005 to become the Director of Strategic Growth at Brown University. Kairos attended a couple Harvard Allston Task Force meetings last year and seems like a good person to work with. Many of us wished he had been more involved in the review and creation of plans for our neighborhood, so it is great to learn that his position and team are being elevated and augmented to do more planning for our community and others across the City.
"Together with BRA Director John F. Palmieri and Mayor Menino, Mr. Shen will formulate a comprehensive long-term vision to guide the city’s economic and physical transformation into a thriving and sustainable 21st-century city. Further, he will set an ambitious agenda that will build upon his current work at the BRA and result in a proactive and strategic framework for coordinating the city’s physical planning and economic development policies and actions"

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