More mass transit in Singapore, but not Allston?

It was a stark contrast on facing pages of the Globe's Op-ed section today. The lead editorial about the growth of Singapore mentions its "$14 billion project to add two new train lines and 30 stations to the Mass Rapid Transit system" which will result in "a peak waiting time of two minutes between trains."
Unfortunately, the next page brings the grim reminder of how unable we are to properly fund our own mass transit system.

"We're broke" said Dan Grabauskas, MBTA general manager, commenting on the T's projected $75 million budget deficit in the upcoming fiscal year.

There really is no sane way that Harvard's expansion can bring more than 15,000 people every day to North Allston without a big improvement beyond adding more MBTA buses and Harvard shuttles. Just think about having 3,000 more cars during morning rush hour trying to get off the Mass Pike in Allston!

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