Allston Civic Association February meeting agenda

ACA Agenda for Wednesday, February 20 - 6:00P.M. – 8:00P.M.
Honan Allston Library, 300 North Harvard St.

Presentation: Councilors Ross and Ciommo will discuss a proposal to limit the number of college students living in low-density residential housing units.

Community Builders: A presentation of development plans for the relocation of Charlsview Apartments. This will be a presentation only. Questions will be deferred to the public meeting dedicated to this project scheduled in March.

Sheesha Lounge, 417 Cambridge St. Proposal for smoking lounge.

141 Brighton Ave. 24 Reedsdale St. Chester St. Return visit on proposed residential development proposal for 141 Brighton Ave. (Reedsdale and Chester involve ancillary parking for the development)

Bravo Pizza, 160 Brighton Ave. Request for extension of hours to 3:00A.M.

Domino’s Pizza, 450 Cambridge St. Request for extension of hours to 3:00A.M.


  1. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Paul, the chairman of the Allston Civic Association, lost his temper during the February monthly meeting. He yelled and insulted the owners of Domino's. Not only did he raise against Domino's, he also yelled at members of the association, who did not vote according to his wishes. He should not have yelled and insulted the people.

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    It is outrageous to see how Paul, the chairman of Allston Civic Association, intimidates, insults, and even tells members how to vote. It is amazing that Paul gets away with this even when the elected officials or their aids are present in monthly meetings that he chairs. Case in point, in the monthly February meeting (02/20/08), Paul insulted one applicant and told members how to cast their votes on another application.

  3. Anonymous12:56 PM

    I am a resident in Allston MA and was present at this Wednesday's ACA meeting. I was very shocked and annoyed as to how the meeting took place. The Person who was running this meeting was very rude at yelling at residents present at this meeting which I thought was crazy and not right at all. We as residents in Allston should not have to feel Intimidated to speak and listen to/for the community and betterment for the community. The yelling at residents who have business who have the right to be there and speak is wrong as well as the influencing of members to vote a certain way is unethical and WRONG! How are we as residents going to feel like we have any rights to say anything it seems like those who are influenced are just puppets in a show. The purpose of this meeting every month is about bringing the goodness to this community and to bring what the MAJORITY of this community wants and needs. People who come to this meeting either to vote or to come forward and present which they have in every right should not be treated the way they were, treatment meaning intimidation. They should be treated with a respectable manner.

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    This meeting was a circus and can we vote for a new chairman? He was intimidating and brought other people there who he did not verify that were members to vote for his opinion plus intimidating other members so they could not speak their opinions. Wonder how a chairman like Paul can stay in that position so long. Thats not good in any situation we need to have a fresh face to see what this community needs!

  5. Anonymous10:58 PM

    I think residents of Allston should elect the members and the chairman of ACA (Allston Civic Association). I respect Paul, the chairman of ACA, but he has been in ACA for about 10 years. I believe new faces and new ideas are needed. Also, Paul’s yelling at the Domino’s manager in last month’s hearing was not right. We do not have any right to insult people or to tell members how to vote. I do not think it Paul’s job to impose his own opinion and to tell people how to vote. Thanks

  6. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I think Paul controls the ACA meetings by having his trusted friends be members and vote according to Paul’s instructions. It is interesting to see how Paul directly tells members how to vote on issues. Paul has been in the ACA for more than 10 years. I guess there is no time limit. Has he not been in the ACA for too long? It is time for a new leadership. Why do I think that it is time for a new leadership? Paul insulted an applicant in the last meeting. Do we really have the right to insult applicants? I do not think so.

  7. Anonymous1:01 AM

    I think Paul should step down from the ACA. He has been there for too long.

  8. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I am looking for advice on how best to report college neighbors who disrupt the night with their talking and laughing on their back deck. I thought we would get a break during the cold weather, but last night they were out there having a discussion at 4:30 am. In the fall I did call the police for one of those 4am disturbances and they did come and ask students to move inside. I am dreading the Spring when they will be out there all night and early morning.
    I have no trouble with the 12 or 12:30 noise and am used to the 2am bar closing disturbances, but what kind of people will sit outside and keep the whole neighborhood awake with their conversations at 4:45 am?
    What is your advice on how to handle/report these pests. They go to BU.
    Susan M

  9. Hi Susan,

    There was a recent discussion on this topic with a lot of neighbor input at the AB2006 group. I hope it might be helpful.!topic/allstonbrighton2006/EgiuaOuwmlA