Three A/B - University updates

Trust in Harvard is eroding - Construction and truck noise in evening hours that were supposed to be free of both have neighbors wondering if Harvard is going to keep its other promises about the science complex it is building on Western Avenue.

This bus's destination: town-gown heaven - Imagine a cordial town-gown relationship, where the university sees neighborhood needs aligned with its own interests. Imagine neighbors inviting college employees to consider buying local property, investing in affordable housing, and coming to local barbecues. Imagine college students and local high school students knowing one another by name, sharing classrooms and recreation facilities, or just chatting together on street corners.

BC building plan hits snag - The Massachusetts Historical Commission is calling for an "intensive archeological survey" on former Archdiocese of Boston property included in Boston College's new Master Plan. THe MHC is also urging BC not to demolish three houses on Foster Street. The Chair of the MHC is Secretary of State William Galvin, who has lived on Lake Street across from the archdiocese property in Brighton for more than 20 years.

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