Harvard and City apologize for late-night construction

Harvard apologizes for late-night construction noise - Allston/Brighton TAB

It was nice to have Boston Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin and Harvard's Ken Johnson apologize for the construction that went until 10:00 at night without any community notification or approval. Hopefully the good that comes from this is a more harmonious construction project going forward.

A related note from last night's Task Force meeting is that Harvard and the City are still working on the Cooperation Agreement. The final building permits cannot be issued until this contract is complete, and we were told at the November 26 Task Force meeting that the Cooperation Agreement would probably be signed by the end of December. It was suggested that any attempt to continue discussions about community benefits was inappropriate, because that would delay the Cooperation Agreement, and that would delay the permits, and that would delay construction. Seven weeks later, the reality of the situation seems quite different. While the Cooperation Agreement still is not complete there is still more than enough construction work to do - so much in fact that Turner Construction wants to work evenings and weekends.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I think it is a little to late for it now after a week and a half they want to apologize. What a joke to this community.