The Herald moving to Allston?

Headlines of the Damned - Boston Magazine: "The fabled headquarters at Herald Square have been sold off to a company that specializes in shopping malls and chain hotels, which plans to erect more odious luxury condos in the tab's once unabashedly sordid footprint. Management is scouring for new digs, maybe in Allston or Roxbury, or anywhere cheaper than downtown, to complete the marginalization metaphor."


  1. If the Herald moved to Allston, it would mark the first time that I would ever have seen a Herald reporter in Allston-Brighton. Have you seen one of these elusive and increasingly rare reporters in town?

  2. Anonymous5:07 PM

    It would be great to have another thriving business down on Western Avenue. And having a lot of reporters around would mean plenty of business for local restaurants -- not mention watering holes. Let's hope it's true!