Fred Salvucci comments on the BC Master Plan

Fred Salvucci, Brighton resident, former State Secretary of Transportation, and "Father of the Big Dig", knows a thing or two about transportation (to say the least). And he is certainly familiar with the review processes of large projects. So there is a lot we can all learn from his letter to the BRA about the Boston College Master Plan.

His concerns include the "gridlock" and "adverse environmental impact" likely to be caused by BC's expansion and suggests several alternatives that would reduce or eliminate an increase in traffic while at the same time allowing for BC's growth.


  1. Charlie D.8:27 PM

    Mr. Salvucci's comments are spot on, in my opinion. Preserving the open space on the former archdiocesan grounds, increasing density on the Brighton campus, limiting parking, and encouraging and improving transit use is absolutely the best solution.

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Taking advice from the Father of the Big Dig? Didn't someone die from bad epoxy? Hmmmm.....