The Cambridge St / Mass Pike mess

Blogger Commute-a-holic wrote today about driving to Kenmore Sq yesterday evening and noted that "It took me over 20 minutes to get off that exit and onto Storrow Drive (where I hit more back-up)." Fortunately my commute brings me nowhere near Cambridge St and the Mass Pike, but this evening at 7:00 I had to drive along Cambridge St to the Charles River.

I would have thought that by 7 on a Friday the rush hour traffic would have subsided, but the reality was quite the opposite. Cambridge St heading towards Union Square was backed up to Windom Street, and people trying to get off the Pike were sitting on the off-ramp for as far as I could see.

The time that all these people waste sitting in traffic, the money wasted burning all that gasoline, and the environmental damage done by all those idling engines certainly adds up with hundreds of people stuck in this traffic day after day after day.

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  1. Here are ten links showing a Cambridge Harvard residence summer 2009
    with trash attracting rodents. ( Richard Weir, "Harvard funds anti-rat
    trash bins to fight rodent scourge," Boston Herald, November 17, 2009)
    Will Harvard Real Estate be as diligent in Allston as in Cambridge?

    Harvard funds anti-rat trash bins to fight rodent scourge
    By Richard Weir
    Boston Herald
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 -