Harvard offered hush $$ for property damage

Hopefully not a sign of things to come as Harvard's Allston construction accelerates - Harvard offered hush $$ for property damage - Cambridge Chronicle

"Harvard’s Construction Mitigation Office offered Annis a $3,500 payment if he would agree to a series of legal releases preventing him from making any further claims against the university or saying anything disparaging about it in the press, according to a letter sent to Annis from university lawyers.

Annis said the offer would scarcely cover the cost of repairing his home, let alone make up for the money he lost during the 10 months he couldn’t rent out his first-floor apartment. Moreover, Annis said there’s no way for him to know if there is any hidden damage to his home’s foundation as a result of the construction.

“I asked them for $90,000 for the release,” Annis said"

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