Rep. Moran speaks with the Harvard Crimson

It's great to see Rep. Moran quoted in this Crimson article standing up for the interests of our community. Thanks Mike!

“In all fairness to [Harvard], we’ve made enormous progress in communication and commitments recently,” said State Representative Michael J. Moran. “But we have a ways to go, and it’s my opinion that they could always do more.”

In early January, Moran, State Senator Steven A. Tolman, State Representative Kevin G. Honan, and Boston City Councillor Mark S. Ciommo authored a letter to the Boston Redevelopment Authority—the city agency that oversees development projects—that outlines revisions to the current agreement.

Some of the proposed changes are full employment of Allston workers in construction projects, the creation of a Harvard-funded community school, and the expansion of tutoring services to include writing and the arts.

“We’ve made huge strides with Harvard in making them understand that they have certain commitments to the residents who will live with the impact their construction is going to have,” Moran said. “We will continue to make sure that these residents are compensated for those impacts.”

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Harvard Nears Deal With Allston

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