At-Large City Councilor Steve Murphy responds to the allston02134 Candidate Survey

1) Do you support the creation of a Boston Planning Department?
Yes____ No__X___

2) Should height limits in the North Allston Strategic Framework be strictly applied to Harvard’s proposed buildings?
Yes__X__ No_____

3) Should City Council approval be required before a university can purchase property in Boston?
Yes____ No_____
Comments: Probably, but such a measure would be unconstitutional.

4) What are your thoughts about a possible Charlesview relocation?
We, unfortunately, cannot stop the move. I support the best deal for the Charlesview residents. The deal between the Charlesview Board and Harvard does fulfill the mission of safe, quality, affordable housing.

5) What should be the future of the Speedway property on Western Ave?
As a preservationist, it is my opinion that once a developer is chosen for the site, I will fight vigorously to see that they restore the majestic property to its original condition. That location serves as a gateway to the Brighton and Allston neighborhoods and, as such, should reflect that.

6) How do you feel about the vacant Harvard-owned properties in North Allston and North Brighton?
Members of my staff live in that neighborhood and relay the major inconvenience in Harvard’s mothballing of property. Many people enjoyed the convenience of shopping at Shaw’s and walking to K-Mart. That convenience has been taken away by Harvard.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    You still can shop at shaws