Lowe’s coming to Brighton?

If a new Lowe's is better than the Watertown Home Depot, that would be great (and I don't think it would be too hard).
But the traffic this could create on Market & North Beacon Streets? OUCH!

New Lowe’s to improve Hub site - Business - BostonHerald.com

Lowe’s Home Centers is proposing a nearly 200,000-square-foot, two-level store next to the Massachusetts Turnpike in Brighton, not far from where WGBH is moving into its new, high-profile, glass-encased headquarters.

It’s slated to take shape where the long-vacant Barry Controls factory butts up against the Pike. Lowe’s would tear down the long, white concrete structure, replacing it with one of its first two-story stores in the country.

The retailer hopes to start construction next year on its proposed Lowe’s of Boston store, which would employ between 180 to 200 workers.


  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I am certainly not opposed to development... I am someone who generally favors more housing and more local businesses. However, a Lowes is the last thing Brighton needs, especially in that area. As you say, North Beacon St is already very congested. It carries as many cars per day as Soldiers Field Road! Traffic could possibly come from Soldiers Field Road and Birmingham Parkway, but if that's the case, do we really want a store drawing people from across the region? I would much rather see something more innovative built in that location, like a mixed use building of ground-floor retail plus offices above or even better, ground-floor retail plus housing above. Allston and Brighton need more housing, and that would put residents within walking distance of a number of bus lines, a Stop and Shop, fitness club, and other local stores. In either scenario, it would be even more reason to put a commuter rail stop in that location. We don't need a big store generating traffic from across the region.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I disagree - if you want to make Brighton a "livable" community for HOMEOWNERS, you have to provide retail opportunities to allow us to improve our homes without having to drive out to the suburbs to shop. One of the reasons many people hesitate to live in the city is because it is hard to find acceptable shopping options. Now that Harvard has taken away much of the retail along Western Ave., it's nice to know that someone wants to put some shopping back in the general vicinity, rather than take more away.

  3. I agree with charlie d. We don't need a Lowe's here. Local, smaller, varied businesses would liven up this part of town without the traffic nightmare a giant Lowe's would create. Plus, there's already a Home Depot five minutes drive away. N. Beacon and Market are already congested enough. It would also make more sense if it was on Western Ave in the space where Kmart and Staples used to be.

  4. Anonymous1:39 AM

    charlesview apartments will be moving in at the old K-mart and Staples space.

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Another clue Lowe's is the good one::::Katrina cottage plans.
    In this era of preditory developers building massive new homes (ie SUVs) it is quite refreshing to see Lowe's promote modest single family structures.
    Looking in Denver these are the kinds of homes I am looking at. To move into a brand new structure would be key, especially in Denver:::::Full insulation, no dreaded leakage leading to high heating bills. No ghosts and no history.
    As with all things::::Redwhite&blue IS BAD FOR YOU!!!! Much like some Walmarts, some Lowe's stores are redwhite&blue color scheme.
    Bet that Oldsmobile was the only good American auto manufacturer, and now they're gone.