Menino stresses need for community input in possible Readville development

Boston may annex land in Dedham for housing - The Boston Globe:

Dedham wants to jettison a 40-acre piece of property slated for a large-scale residential development because, officials said, the town can't afford to educate all the children that might move in. On the other side of the border, Menino has been pushing for more affordable housing in Boston. The prospect of 1,850 family-friendly units in the new residential development is tempting to some people, since much of the new housing being built in Boston is luxury units.

In this quote, Menino mentions how important it is to plan the development and make sure it works for the existing residents of the area.

'It's serious density. . . . We want to make sure it's a well-planned neighborhood that is put together in concert with the people who live in the neighborhood. Some of them have lived there for 75 years or more.'

The campus neighborhoods that BC and Harvard are planning in Brighton and Allston need to be held to the same standard - well-planned and done in concert with the people who live here. So far, many people would say that these campus neighborhoods have not been well-planned (if there is any plan at all) and the existing residents have been ignored in key issues.


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    This development is in Menino's neighborhood.
    Dedham wants to give Boston the land because it will be a strain on their school system. Why should Boston agree to this?
    The developer will give Dedham $2.5Mil if it gives the land to Boston.
    This is a win situation for Dedham. Is it a win situation for Boston?

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