City Council campaign accelerates

The first mailing of the campaign was delivered to mailboxes all over Allston and Brighton yesterday. The candidate is Mark Ciommo, and he seems determined and ready to run a serious campaign to represent our neighborhood on the City Council. Approximately 6,600 oversized postcards were mailed (if you are a frequent voter you probably got one) at a cost of somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000.

Mark has hired Mike McLaughlin to manage the campaign and he has scheduled his first fundraising event which will be Friday June 29 at 7:00 at the Brighton Elks (326 Washington St). Mark raised $45,000 in his last campaign for City Council and seems likely to top that this time.

I also saw the first yard sign of the campaign this morning. It was a Ciommo sign on Franklin Street.


  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    to bad he will be A LOSER

  2. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Why waste all that MONEY

  3. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Mike McLaughlin, Mark's campaign manager. If anyone has any questions or concerns or if anyone wants to get involved with the campaign, feel free to contact me at

    I also wanted to thank Harry Mattison for his efforts to keep the Allston-Brighton community so well informed on the happenings of our campaign.