Some good things worth mentioning

The City has been doing a ton of street repaving around here. Much more in one season than I have ever seen before.
Harvard has made some improvements to its campus near where it borders the neighborhood. Here are a few new bushes along Riverdale St.
The Riverfest & Summer party at the Honan Library were both wonderful community events. Great opportunities to see our neighbors, learn about the good work that many organizations are doing here in Allston and Brighton, and to appreciate the Charles River and Honan Library, two of the treasures of our neighborhood. Our kids particularly enjoyed having The Fishing Academy at the Riverfest.

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  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    I have noticed all the paving lately. It was a wonderful surprise!

    However, my one complaint is that they repaved the main travel lanes of Comm Ave between Harvard Ave and Packards Corner, but they haven't touched the carriage lanes. The carriage lanes are in TERRIBLE shape, and are especially painful on a bicycle! Hopefully they will at least resurface the worst parts, but it's impossible to know because Boston posts NOTHING about roadway projects on their web site... (this is 2007 right?!)