A development I'd love to see in Allston or Brighton

$1b remake of Bayside proposed - The Boston Globe

What a great sounding development in Dorchester to replace the Bayside Expo Center. It will benefit for the developers, businesses, and the people who live nearby. I think the North Allston Strategic Framework envisioned development like this, but instead we seem in line to get dormitories and expansion of private campuses with maybe a little cafe for the community to use or a semi-private courtyard we can walk through. Here are excerpts from the Globe story:

The owner of the Bayside Exposition Center in Boston yesterday proposed replacing the facility with a $1 billion residential, retail, and office development that would create a new waterfront neighborhood on Dorchester Bay.

The general scope would include neighborhood-level retail shops and restaurants, anchored by a supermarket, organized around a main street and large public space near the center of the parcel, such as a village square or promenade. Additional office and hotel space would be added to the front of the property. To the rear, facing the water, would be an array of midrise residential units. Corcoran Jennison officials said they do not have a figure on housing units, but the number could range from 500 to 1,000.

Orlando Perilla, an 11-year Harbor Point resident who also runs the apartment complex's community task force, said his group has been briefed on the plans several times and is pleased with what it heard. "I think it's a terrific idea that's going to totally revitalize this area," he said. "The Bayside is just an eyesore. Basically, what they're coming up with is tremendous."

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