BC land purchases in the Globe's "Quotes of note"

Quotes of note - The Boston Globe

"I can time the closing of every saloon in Oak Square from the parade down the street. This plan would be a disaster for neighbors."Secretary of State WILLIAM F. GALVIN, who opposes Boston College's plan to purchase property from the Archdiocese of Boston

"You get some kids late night, drunk, singing 'Sweet Caroline' on the way home. How harmful is that, honestly? If you choose to live there, you have to expect it's not a perfectly quiet area. You knew that coming in."PATRICK FOUHY, editor of Boston College's student newspaper, The Heights

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  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Dear Patrick Fouhy-

    When our grandfathers decided to buy houses in the city (while yours had already taken 93 North), Boston College was an insignificant commuter school. The seminary land was bought with collection basket monies from Dorchester, South Boston, East Boston, and Brighton. The rate of growth of the school shows almost as much disregard for Brighton residents as the sale by the Archdiosese shows for parishoners. The community simply wants to share the neighborhood with the college, rather than have the school's will forced down its throat without a say.