Chris Gordon on Harvard's opportunity in Allston

The Harvard Crimson :: Opinion :: The Promises of Harvard’s Growth in Allston

Chris Gordon, the COO of Harvard's Allston Development Group, writes glowingly in today's Crimson about Harvard's future in Allston. When Harvard publishes the Draft Project Impact Report for the Science Complex (expected sometime in June) we will have a chance to see how the details of the project match these ideals.

"The Allston campus will also be permeable, welcoming neighbors into green spaces and connecting residents to its educational and cultural resources."

"The urban grain of one of America’s oldest cities will be respected, and the plan for open space will embrace the green vision of famed 19th century landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted."

"new structures will be needed to bring faculty and students from various disciplines together in human-scale buildings"

"Our highest responsibility is to deliver on the promise of the great land resource Harvard has in Allston with a 50-year planning horizon. We’ll fulfill that promise when we build a remarkable campus and enrich the life of a great university, help grow the economy, and contribute to the quality of life of all in North Allston and beyond."

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