BRA Charlesview Oct 5 meeting video

Video from the October 5 BRA Charlesview meeting is now online.
  1. Physical model that was on display at the meeting -
  2. Charlesview presentation and comments by BRA Director Palmieri and Chief Planner Shen -
  3. Public comments, part 1-
  4. Public comments, part 2 -
  5. Public comments, part 3 -
  6. Public comments, part 4 -
There are a few small gaps (changing tapes, replacing batteries) and the dead mouse spectacle was missed, but otherwise it is a complete record of the meeting. It was also too bad that the BRA's microphone system didn't work that night, so you might have to listen closely at times.

1 comment:

  1. The dead mouse story is now being retold as a "bag of dead rats".

    I think it was really a trash can full of dead monster rat robots. That your video doesn't capture their image proves my point: dead monster rat robots emit a radio frequency signal that cannot be picked up by video cameras.