Someday Boston will have a new Mayor and Harvard will have a new President. And then maybe Harvard's vast and abandoned empire in Allston and Brighton will be something more than a bargaining chip. But until then, I wouldn't hold your breath.


  1. One of the things that I kept asking myself last night while listening to the defensive and condescending tone taken by BRA officials, is that their tone would likely be quite different if they were elected, not politically appointed.
    Where was the Mayor? Where was someone other than Kevin (who was silent)?

  2. Did anyone happen to see the Menino sign holders out at the Western-N. Harvard intersection at about 5:30 today? I found that to be particularly insulting. Did someone at the Mayor's office happen to read about last night's meeting and then send out the troops to let us all know how much he 'cares' about the residents and the neighborhood of Allston? I was on my bike, trying not to get killed, but did give the thumbs-down which seemed a better thing to do than be verbally hostile, which was my first instinct. Incidentally, the only bike lane is on the B.School/Stadium stretch of N. Harvard; sure, it needed a bike lane, but so does all of N. Harvard St. - see, Menino cares... about Harvard.