Charlesview records from the BRA

While the Globe has been trying to get Michael Kineavy's emails from City Hall, I have been asking the BRA to comply with the Massachusetts Public Records Law and provide its records about the Charlesview relocation. What has been provided is incomplete, but it still provides a rare view into what happens in Tom Menino's BRA, their priorities, and attitudes. In future posts I will highlight some of the most interesting items, but in the meantime here is the full set.


  1. Harry, this is incredible. I remember you mentioning that obtaining these records has been a frustrating experience. Thank you!! Thank you!!!

  2. Somebody needs to buy you a bottle of ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation from all that repetitive-motion in scanning these documents.


    Would you also characterize how you think these documents are incomplete?

  3. Hi Mike,

    A multi-page attachment on the scanning machine thankfully made this an RSI-free process.

    I'll make a separate post about the incompleteness instead of putting it buried here it the comments section.