One-family homes in Boston

I've heard from many neighbors who think that new construction of some single family homes would be a good thing for North Allston and North Brighton as part of the Charlesview relocation because they would attract families and owner-occupants and help form a stronger community. The BRA and The Community Builders haven't addressed this or have suggested that it is impossible to build one-family homes.

So I was surprised to hear during an interview on WBUR's Radio Boston (at the 2:00 mark in the show) that new single family homes are being built elsewhere in Boston, specifically on Dudley Street in Dorchester. Here's a reference to this new construction from Boston Magazine:
"Along Dudley Street, new condos and single-family homes are sprouting up like fresh spring perennials."

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  1. Great blog. In my country, there so many condos sprouting like mushrooms too.

    Arrielle P