Waiting for a train in A/B

Seems some at City Hall and the State House like the idea of Diesel Multiple Unit trains that could connect A/B with downtown more effectively than commuter rail trains, but they don't seem close to ready to do anything about it. Maybe in five more years it will be something more than a "concept".

Next stop: low-cost diesel rail? - The Boston Globe

For the past five years, the City of Boston has been advocating the use of DMUs for Allston and Brighton and Dorchester, using existing tracks.
“Right now, it’s really at a concept level,’’ said Vineet Gupta, director of planning for the Boston Transportation Department.

It’s not clear whether Jeff Mullan, who takes over for Aloisi, shares his vision on DMUs. He said on Friday that it was premature for him to comment and that he is focused on merging the state’s road systems as part of a historic reorganization project. But he and Aloisi have spoken about the idea, he said. Durrant later added that it’s “not something we’re considering in the near future.’’

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