No Brookline Machine commitment from Harvard

The 0.7 acre Brookline Machine site (in green on the map) is just a tiny drop in the bucket of Harvard's under-utilized Allston and Brighton property. A drop in the bucket is better than an empty bucket, but it falls short of even coming close to addressing the enormity of Harvard's blight.

The Herald's Thomas Grillo followed up with the Mayor yesterday about this site, and apparently our Mayor hasn't been able to secure a real commitment from Harvard.
“Harvard President Drew Faust promised me that Harvard would do housing there, but there was no backup,” Menino said.

Kevin McCluskey, a university spokesman, said the school “anticipates continued constructive discussions with the city on the issue of housing at the Brookline Machine site.”
"Continued constructive discussions"? Are you kidding me? How complicated is this? Hasn't it been obvious since Harvard bought Brookline Machine last December that it would become involved in the Charlesview relocation?
BRA Deputy Director Mike Glavin and Harvard's McCluskey both made sure that Michael Kineavy knew about Harvard's purchase of Brookline Machine two days after the sale. They wanted to make sure Menino personally knew about it and 10 months later it is astonishing that we aren't already past "anticipating constructive discussions".

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