Welcome to Limbo

The Globe gets it mostly right in this editorial about the internal and external damage caused by Harvard's financial limitations.

I can't help wonder why they write "would" in the second sentence below. Harvard has made pretty clear for several months that their 2007 plans for Allston are out the window and nothing new is forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the turnabout on the science complex created uncertainty for an entire neighborhood. Completion of the project will transform Allston, where Harvard owns much of the land, but an indefinite delay would leave the neighborhood in limbo.
Also, has anyone seen a chastened Harvard official in Allston yet? President Faust may act chastened when speaking to Boston's business elite, but here in Allston and Brighton during this year it, unfortunately, has been the same old same old.

University officials are clearly chastened. In her speech, Faust acknowledged that Harvard had suffered because it couldn’t call back assets overseen by external managers.
It's a university, not a hedge fund - The Boston Globe

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  1. I found that Globe piece to be still eating the candy that is Harvard's spin, and the conclusion it comes to is typical. Thin and meaningless. The only thing that kept me from posting a comment this time was that 29 people already had by the time I had read it, and many were those irritating provocative rants...