$$$ in the Senate race

Between reading this story in today's Globe (Democratic Senate hopefuls split on PAC funds - Coakley and Capuano taking PAC $, Khazei and Pagliuca not) and watching this thought provoking video about Institutional Corruption by Harvard's Lawrence Lessig, I thought I'd look into it a bit.

One thing that always interests me is the amount of money that candidates get from people who live outside their district. Sure, candidates might have friends from elsewhere who want to support their friend with 'no strings attached', but that doesn't tell the whole story.

For example, take a look at the people from outside Massachusetts who have given $500 to Martha Coakley in the past few years.

Why has New York lawyer Stanley Bernstein and his wife Vivian given $3,000 to the MA Attorney General during the past 3 years?
What about Turner Smith and Sabrina Coughlin who live at the same address on Park Avenue in NY? Why have they given $4,500 to AG Coakley?

OpenSecrets.org shares some information about who is filling Rep. Capuano's campaign account during this election cycle, such as the National Beer Wholesalers Assn and the American Dental Assn who both have given him $10,000 through their PACs.

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  1. The real issue here -- and all across this country -- is this: why are corporate entities and special interest groups allowed to finance anybody's campaign for political office?

    This country is long overdue for a serious campaign finance reform (I would say that only individuals who can vote for a given politician should be allowed to donate, and maximum $1000 a year).

    It's so simple, and it would have a very profound positive effect on our democracy. Actually, we only think we have democracy; what we have is plutocracy. America, wake up.

    If you think you don't have power to change anything -- that's a self-defeating belief. Spread the word, demand the end to politics as usual -- every little bit, every voice helps. At some point, the majority of people will realize why the working class always gets screwed, and will demand major, real change.