Church subsidized gas?

I'm not sure why a tax-exempt organization like this Brighton church is using $500 to subsidize gas prices. NY Times columnist Tom Friedman has written about why auto companies should not subsidize gas prices and that high gas prices will eventually benefit our country because they can "trigger massive investments in renewable energy." Recognizing that higher gas prices have a greater effect on people with lower incomes, he suggests a reduction in the payroll tax to balance the burden of the increased prices at the pump.

Educating people about how to reduce their energy bills or subsidizing the cost of more efficient appliances and accessories are forms of community service that could help people's bank accounts and our environment while reducing our dependence on oil.

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  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    If you read the article, it stated that the church wanted to give back to the community. This was their way of doing it. Do not pass judgement until you have walked in their shoes and attended services at their church. $500 to a small church is a very large sum of money to them. Yes, they could have sent a kid to camp for a week, or donated it to a food pantry, or a multitude of ther things, but this was their way. I give them a two thumbs up for doing it their way.