Harvard Education Portal & Pool details

Here is some more info to follow up posts from earlier this week:

The portal at 175 N Harvard St will be open 3-6 in the afternoon, Monday-Thursday.

Movie night at the portal on Wednesday, July 16. Finding Nemo at 5:30, Gattaca at 8.

Science Fair @ 3:00 on July 26 at the portal.

Blodgett Pool open 5-8 in the evening, Monday-Friday through Labor Day. Get a membership card at the Ed Portal (proof of North Allston / North Brighton residency required).


  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Thanks for the info. What is the boundary to determine North Allston. If it is the Pike, is there such a thing as a North Brighton?

  2. North Brighton and North Allston are both north of the Pike. Everett St divides N. Brighton (02135) from N. Allston (02134).

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    The pike across from the Stockyard used to be North Brighton also. People still look at the pike and try to figure where they used to live.

  4. Anonymous7:06 AM

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