Revilatizing Allston-Brighton

Last year, Brighton Centered blogger Mike Pahre noted that City Council candidate Alex Selvig was advertising on the Google search engine to direct people to

Now someone associated with the Charlesview Apartments is using the same approach and paying money to Google every time someone clicks on their sponsored link, which informs us that Charlesview is "Revilatizing Allston-Brighton".

Not only are the people responsible for this bad spellers, they are also surprisingly secretive. The domain is registered to - a company whose purpose is to conceal the normally public information about website registration and whose slogan is "Your identity is nobody's business but ours". What is there to hide?

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  1. Anonymous5:01 PM


    if you go to the website it belongs to The Community Builders, this was set up back in Feb or March 2008 before the community meetings for The BRA, and Charlesview. it was setup so if the community had any question that needed to be answered. Just go to the contact info and dial the phone number just dial 617-401-8712 it is for the redevelopment project for Charlesview.