Want more trucks on Lincoln St?

If not, you might want to write the Zoning Board of Appeals and ask them to deny the request by Public Storage at 156 Lincoln St to add truck rental to their business.

The hearing is Tuesday morning, so letters need to be mailed ASAP to:
Board of Appeal, 1010 Massachusetts Ave, 4th floor, Boston, MA 02118
You can send a fax to the Board of Appeal at 617-635 2918. It is also important to let our City Councilor Mark Ciommo (mark.ciommo@cityofboston.gov) and our neighborhood coordinator in the Mayor's Office (Daniel.Roan@cityofboston.gov) know how you feel about this. They tell me they haven't yet decided if they will support or oppose this request, so your feedback can help make a difference.

Lincoln Street, with its existing traffic, is already too dangerous. In June 2004 a bicyclist on Lincoln St was hit by a car and killed near the intersection with Franklin St. In February 2005 a car crashed through the brick wall on Lincoln St near the intersection with Everett St. There have been other deadly accidents on Lincoln Street in the past and there have been many more accidents where cars have gone off the road and damaged property.

Two years ago when the developers of the storage warehouse at 156 Lincoln St sought community support and zoning relief there was no mention of truck rental. To the contrary, they told the community that they were creating a low traffic use. They should not be able to go back on their promise just a few weeks after completing construction and opening for business. Truck rental is not a low traffic use. People driving to our neighborhood to rent trucks, driving out of our neighborhood in the rented truck, returning the rental truck, and leaving our neighborhood in their personal vehicle creates 4 vehicle trips for each rental. This is not the "low traffic" use we were promised.

There are several businesses in Allston and Brighton that already offer truck rental. In my opinion, the residents of Allston and Brighton don't need more trucks in our neighborhood on an already unsafe street.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Harry. Just faxed my letter this morning. Keep us posted.