Getting to the Charles from North Brighton

Globe Watch takes a look at the pedestrian un-friendly western end of Western Ave where our North Brighton neighbors try to get to the Charles River.

In North Brighton, uneasy passage to river - The Boston Globe


  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Every time I walk through this area, I am totally astounded by the lack of crosswalks, curb cuts, and pedestrian signals. Biking through there is no treat either. It continues to amaze me that this intersection is managed by our state PARKS agency! It's really an embarrassment.

  2. This is the most frightening leg of my commute when I go by bike - so bad that I walk with my bike till I get to Autobhan USA. Nothing is more scary than trying to cross that deathtrap of oddly spaced and not so clear lights. Combine that with horrible, impatient, oblivious drivers who, for example, wish to glide through the red light on Market St. to make a right onto Western and it's amazing to me that more people aren't dead from trying to cross there.

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Driving through that area is bad enough, I've never wanted to walk or bike.

    I have another question about that intersection - what is that old, boarded up building on the corner? I like the building and think it could serve some sort of purpose if it was fixed up.

  4. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Gowing up I was told it was two things. I am not sure which one is corrct. 1. The horse barn was where the original mounted police used to stable their horses. 2. There used to be surrey races down at Herter Park about 50 or so years ago. They might have also used the stables later after the mounted horses left. I believe the MDC owns the property now.
    the house does need some badly needed maintenance, escpecially the gutters.
    I hope this answers your question a little bit better.

  5. That is the Speedway building. I wrote about it a couple years ago after a meeting when it seemed like something might happen with the property in the near future. Obviously that didn't happen and it is a shame to see it continue to rot away.