Allston's ample and unconstrained infrastructure?

There are a lot of ways to describe Allston's infrastructure (particularly as it relates to transportation), but I have never heard it described as "ample".

But last night at the MEPA community meeting, Harvard described suggested that our neighborhood is "ample" in this way when explained their request for a waiver to allow construction of the Science Complex without completing an Environmental Impact Report.

One of the criteria for this waiver is that "ample and unconstrained infrastructure facilities and services exist" to support the project. During and after construction, Harvard expects hundreds of workers every day to use the Mass Pike to commute to the Science Complex and contribute what is already one of the region's worst intersections.

Here are some photos from this morning at 9:00, probably a little bit past the rush hour peak and on a Friday in late August when the morning commute is lighter than usual.

What words would you use to describe this?


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Inadequate and constrained?

  2. I think this is the worst intersection in Boston, bar none.

    Any counter-suggestions?