At Large Candidate Marty Hogan Answers the Allston 02134 Survey

Here's another viewpoint from someone who wants to represent Allston, Brighton, and the rest of Boston in the City Council. You can learn more about Marty at

1) Do you support the creation of a Boston Planning Department?
Yes__x__ No_____

I do support the creation of a planning department in the city of Boston which will plan and work with the residents of each section of our great city. For the last 4 years, Councilor Arroyo has been trying to get a vote in the council just for this specific reason. However, and as usual, certain members have all too strong ties to the BRA and will not let us take back our rights. I will work with Councilor Arroyo and any other member that will take a stand and return urban development to the city of Boston.

2) Should height limits in the North Allston Strategic Framework be strictly applied to Harvard’s proposed buildings?
Yes_X___ No_____

I feel that we need to regulate the height requirements on all businesses, non profits and residential uses to preserve the beauty and quality of our neighborhoods. I feel that any building that may block the view or sunshine of any section or area needs to be controlled. One of our greatest natural resources is our environment and we need to preserve it for our future.

3) Should City Council approval be required before a university can purchase property in Boston?
Yes_____ No__X__
I feel that the City Council as a body should be able to pass resolutions that regulate the expansion of which the universities grow as well as many of our non-profits and large commercial entities, however I do not agree with the “state” interfering with or stopping the growth by which a business can progress.

I feel that there has to be a balance between the healthy growth of business/institutions and the needs of our residents. As of this time I do not feel that the city council has effectively protected this balance.

As your city councilor at large I will fight to make new laws which will regulate overgrowth of these institutions and protect the needs of housing and quality of life for our residents.

4) What are your thoughts about a possible Charlesview relocation?

I feel that there can be two solutions we can investigate to solve the current state of deterioration of the Charlesview apartments. The first of course is to build on a separate site and go through all of the necessary litigation and political decision making. Or we can forgo the moving aspect and invest the total amount that would otherwise be spent on the land and redeveloping it and build on the site currently used. I feel that we could effectively and cautiously move the current residents to an alternative site(s) to be able to work more efficiently on the project until it comes to fruition. My choice and my preference would be to do the latter.

5) What should be the future of the Speedway property on Western Ave?

One problem with development in our city today is that we want to make plans for a site before the public interest and input is heard. I would like to have extensive public meetings throughout the community to find out exactly how we can best serve the people and conserve the area as well. I believe we need to take this process at a slower and more cautious pace than what typically the politicians and developers of Boston do. We can’t forget that the main responsibility of our politicians is to represent the people which means making decisions that are the best for our city based on what the people need.”

6) How do you feel about the vacant Harvard-owned properties in North Allston and North Brighton?

I would advocate to Harvard University and all of the other Universities and institutions in Boston to use their land that is not currently being developed for common area/community land that can be used for park and recreational land for the residents and the students alike.

I would also try to work with Harvard with the strength of the residents and the City Council to negotiate a percentage of the lands that each institution owns and will purchase be donated to the city.

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