Scheduled nighttime Harvard football game angers residents

If you agree with the many people at Monday's Task Force meeting who expressed concern about Harvard's plans for Friday night football in Allston, please join us at City Hall Room 801 on Monday at 10:00 for the Licensing Board hearing.

Scheduled nighttime Harvard football game angers residents - Brighton, MA - Allston/Brighton TAB

Residents said they were told the lights were only for practices in the fall, when it gets dark earlier. They were under the impression, even with the lights, that Harvard would not hold nighttime football games.

“We thought the answer was ‘no night games,’” said Harvard Allston Task Force member John Cusack

“Football caters to undergrads and drinking before. It’s a completely different atmosphere [from nighttime lacrosse games at Harvard Stadium] ,” said Task force member Cathi Campbell. “Anyone around for football games knows they have tremendous impact on the community.”

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