Hopefully the last story about Harvard fulfilling its 1997 promise

Soon we should be able to walk on the new sidewalks, which will be a welcome change from just talking about them.

Here are few quotes from the Globe story - Harvard plans to redo Allston sidewalk as promised long ago
"We were not trying to get out of the work; we were just trying to do a more expansive project," said Kathy Spiegelman, chief planner of the university's Allston Development Group.
"Better late than never," said Brent Whelan, an Allston resident for nearly 30 years who serves on a community task force studying Harvard's plans.

"It's important to create something [for future community benefits that is] enduring that won't be subjected to the vagrancies of forces beyond our control," Mattison said. "You don't have to worry about it being 10 years later and trying to chase the thing down."

"This is a retroactive kind of blip that doesn't amount to a hill of beans," Raymond Mellone, chairman of the community task force, said.

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