National Bridge Inventory data for some Allston/Brighton bridges

The terrible bridge collapse in Minneapolis is another reminder of the huge backlog in maintenance that exists for the infrastructure of our country. Here at home there are plenty of examples. The Federal Highway Administration does an annual survey of our nation's bridges called the National Bridge Inventory. The raw data is a bit unwieldy, but here is some information about bridges the cross the Charles from Allston and Brighton into Cambridge and Watertown.

NameYear BuiltAvg Daily TrafficTotal Improvement CostStatus
ARSENAL ST / WESTERN AVE192540,000$3.2 millionFunctionally Obsolete
CAMBRIDGE ST / RIVER ST192532,100$3.3 millionFunctionally Obsolete
ELIOT BRIDGE195051,000$6.3 millionNot Deficient
N HARVARD ST191229,000$3.7 millionFunctionally Obsolete
WESTERN AVE192433,000$4.2 millionNot Deficient

Possible designations for Bridge Status are Structurally Deficient, Functionally Obsolete, Not Deficient.

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