New Interest in a Neglected Neighborhood

Here is another story about the improving prospects of an urban area that has been in a long-time slump. Harvard has talked about getting businesses and life back into its properties on Western Ave and throughout North Allston and North Brighton, but there is little or nothing beyond just talk. "We have the potential to be really good stewards of property," said Kathy Spiegelman, chief planner for Harvard's Allston expansion, back in April. But I think in the last year or longer, Harvard has signed ZERO leases to bring ZERO new businesses into any of its many vacant properties.

New Interest in Bridgeport’s Neglected Neighborhoods - New York Times

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  1. Just saying "We have the potential to be really good stewards of property," means very little. She employs this horrible non-committal vague language too often, and it seems that what too many people (the BRA, the city) choose to do is gloss over that vagueness, and that costs everyone in the neighborhood dearly.
    How about simply being really good stewards of property? You know, actually doing it. Better yet, how about raising the bar and setting a standard for other commercial property owners in the area (are there many others left...?). How about being better stewards of the vacant houses they own???? One looks to be a squat now...