Harvard Comes Under Fire for Night Football Game

The Harvard Crimson :: News :: Harvard Comes Under Fire for Night Football Game

Here's another story that describes Harvard's night football games as "one of the fall’s most popular outings" and that the Harvard football coach "has pledged to make the game one of the highest-attended of the year". That's not the "low-key event" that the Allston community was told this would be, and Harvard's two-faced approach to community relations really gets to the core of what troubles many people here in Allston.

The other way to understand the gap is to consider who is most interested in the Allston residents' concerns about the game. From my experience, the reporters from the TAB, Crimson, and Globe are very interested in how neighborhood residents feel about this. I have received numerous phone calls from these reporters and had many reasonable conversations with them over the past few weeks.

But as far as I know, the Athletic Department staff responsible for the scheduling and management of these games has never called anyone in the neighborhood to genuinely discuss our concerns and work together to figure out how the game can be played with minimal disruption. Its a shame that news reporters are more interested in Harvard's impact on Allston than Harvard's own employees.

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