Can Harvard build a museum on par with the founder of the Gap?

We haven't heard much from Harvard in the past several months about their plans for an art builing in Allston, but the rest of the art world rolls on. Last week in San Francisco Donald Fisher, the founder of the Gap, announced plans for a major art museum to display for the public his vast collection of modern art.

For comparison, Harvard's proposal for Allston was a 135,000 sq ft building with 21,000 sq ft of gallery space. Harvard also has more than 200,000 art objects that it is unable to publically display due to lack of gallery space.

ART FOR OUR SAKE / PLAN: 100,000 square feet for works that have mostly been seen only by art world
The Fishers hope to build a 100,000-square-foot museum with 55,000 square feet of gallery space - 5,000 more square feet than at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - to house their collection of more than 1,000 works.

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