We'd Like to Be Told

With apologies to Fred Rogers for my adaptation of his song "I Like to be Told" (click the link for the pleasure of hearing Bette Midler sing along with Fred), here is a little ode to Harvard U.

We'd like to be told
If what you're going to say
Will be anything like
What you said yesterday.

We'd like you to work
Together with us.
But why can't we ride
On your shuttle bus?

We'd like to be told
About your secret plan.
We'd like you to stop
Buying up all our land.

We'd like to be friends
Would be much more fun.
But not if you think
You're the only one.

We'll meet every week
Right up 'till the end.
But not if your plans
Cannot even bend.

We'd like to be told
'Cause we're trying to trust,
And we'd like to have faith,
And we want to believe.
We'd like to be told.
We'd like to be told.

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