Does the Harvard President read Allston/Brighton blogs?

Back in June, Mike Pahre wrote a scathing blog entry about outgoing Harvard President Derek Bok's awareness of what was happening with Harvard's plans for Allston expansion. The heart of Mike's piece is that Bok's letter gives the wrong date for Harvard's publishing of its 50-year master plan and where and how Harvard wants to build its Art Warehouse.

If you read Mike's blog and then the current version of Bok's June 2007 President's Report on Harvard's website, you'll notice a couple things have changed. The letter now says "January" where it once said "December". More significantly, Mike quotes the letter as saying:
"Architectural plans are also underway for extensively renovating a large building in Allston that will house the University’s art collection during the long-awaited renovation of the Fogg Museum"
But on Harvard's website the letter now reads:

"Architectural plans are also underway for a new art center in Allston for the Harvard University Art Museums to provide them with additional permanent space"

So either from Mike's blog or some other close reader, Harvard learned about and then corrected their mistakes. It will be interesting to see what President Faust's writes in her first letter about Allston.

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  1. Nice followup!

    I doubt the Harvard President reads A-B blogs, but Harvard Allston Development Group people probably do. Boston College has assigned a person to read them (and the Google Groups) on a daily basis. What a great job!

    Maybe, instead, Chris Gordon took the spoof letter I wrote and actually sent it to Harvard's President?