Science Complex model

Last night at the Boston Civic Design Commission meeting we got our first glimpse of a physical model of the Science Complex that shows some context of surrounding buildings. All of the other large buildings do not yet exist but are taken from Harvard's Master Plan. You can see some of the existing homes on Hopedale and Rena in some cases.

Click on an image for a larger view.

Wouldn't it be nice if this model could make a trip to Allston? Harvard is bringing it to City Hall next week for another BRA meeting and Harvard is building another model to show the BRA Board at the end of September. For now at least, the Allston neighbors of this building will have to settle for these photos.


  1. Anonymous11:39 PM

    I here you mention more about the homes on rena and hopedale. well what about the charlesview residents
    who will have more of a impact on the future construction of the Harvard sicence complex then the other parts of our neighborhood. no one comes to our defence when we have to deal with all the trucks and cars that speed down western ave and up north harvard st. and all the Harvard people that block our driveways to western ave. we will have to deal with all the noise pouliton, air pouliton, all the thefts and breakins that comes with this construction of the future of Allston. jimmy

  2. Jimmy,

    I agree completely that the residents of Charlesview are going to have to deal with a lot of unpleasant stuff during this construction and myself and others do speak up about this at the meetings. Please come to our Task Force meetings and express your concerns - the next one is Sept 10 at the library at 6:30.

    In this specific situation, I made the size comparison with the Rena and Hopedale homes because in this model of the neighborhood Harvard has already replaced Charlesview with some different new building. So we can't use this model to compare the size of Charlesview with the size of the Science Complex and the other buildings which is what I was trying to do.


  3. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Harry I have been at some of the Task Force meetings and found that most of the construction workers that were going to park at the old sears wherehouse that the task force and the coummity at large were Against this. At that time everyone stated we should move them some were else and harvard came up with a plan and they said we will put them at scated sites and it was mostly on the western ave side and it should have been apposed and it was not. I am going to have a birds eye view of this dam construction site for the next 3 years with all the trucks jack hammer back hoes and what ever other vechicles that make any type of noise dust poultion. I noticed that Harvard moved all the Corporate people out of Western ave before they could do anything for the charlesview residents so it go's to show you who is more important. I think construction should not start intill Charlesview can be relocated. Regards jimmy

  4. Jimmy,

    I think you make a lot of good points. We still have never had a good discussion with Harvard about where the construction workers will park their cars. Harvard makes a proposal and if some people on the Task Force don't like it Harvard might make another proposal. But by then it seems like we are rushing to move on to some other subject and there is no more attention given to that issue.

    I hope you will email the BRA ( with your concerns about this project and if you also want to send them to to share your thoughts with some neighbors that would be great too.