YouTube for the City Council candidates?

Mike Pahre discovered a couple of days ago that Alex Selvig is advertising with the internet search engine Google to promote his City Council campaign.

A seemingly obvious (and free) way for the candidates to embrace the technology of the internet is the video-sharing website YouTube. The only use of YouTube that I could find was this YouTube version of John Connolly's campaign ad from 2005. John is running again for an At-Large seat on the City Council and I have been seeing a lot more of him recently in Allston. It would be great for some of our district candidates follow John's lead and post some video to tell us more about themselves and their vision for A/B.


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    John Connolly, is Law Partners with Tim Schofield, and Cathy Cambell, That is why you see him a lot in Allston.John has started his own law firm, Schofield Campbell & Connolly,

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Does John owning or being partners in a law firm make him a bad person? Brian Honan worked for a law firm when he was a councilor.
    The council is a part time job. Most councilors have another job. You should vote for the person that, in your mind, will do the best job for you.
    John Thompson

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    I strongly disagree. When you're elected you get a salary for a full time position. You're a hack if you think $87,000 a year is worth it for part time. check the numbers. I just read Marty Hogan's, Sam Yoon's, and the others blogs. Marty seems like a normal guy. I like his stuff and is making me lean towards one of my four votes for him. Connolly doesn't need this especially for a part-time job.

    Felipe - Brighton

  4. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Councilors do get paid for a full time job. Boston has a strong Mayor weak council government. The council, by law gets paid 50% of the Mayor' salery. The Mayor puts in for a raise and the council has to approve it. What usually happens is the Mayor asks for a raise and the council vetoes it. A year later the Mayor asks again and gets his raise. When I said that the council is a part time job I meant that they do not work a 40 hour week. They meet once a week for a formal meeting. That is all they are required to do. They go to activist meetings because it helps them get reelected. They send their help to city hall meetings. A perfect example is Ross. He is going to law school and teaches at a local college. Another example is Arroyo who spends more time on items outside of Boston. Flaherty works for a law firm. Jerry had a real estate office. Kelly worked for the union. Nucci held two elected offices The council changed their weekly meeting to night so he could attend. Flynn and Traviglini were state senators and councilors at the same time.
    They may get full time pay but they do not work full time.
    John Thompson

  5. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I absolutely agree with you John Thompson. I was trying to agree with you.