Another North Allston residential demolition

While construction continues on Raymond Street after the recent demolition of 34 Raymond St, the owner of 205 Everett St will appear before the Boston Landmarks Commission on Tuesday, Oct 9 at 5:30 in room 900 of City Hall.

This house at the corner of Holton and Everett Streets (across the street from the St. Anthony's School building) was purchased in 2002 for $483,000 and then sold in 2006 for $600,000. Based on the condition of the property and its adjacent sidewalk on Holton St, the current owner isn't much of a neighbor.

As far as what will come next, it seems like someone tearing down this one family home would want to build as many units as possible to maximize their profit. There is a deed restriction that prevents any building within 20 feet of Everett St and 30 feet from Holton St, so any new building will have to be in the middle of the lot. Hopefully the owner will use some of these profits to buy a rake and some trash bags and hire someone to use them.


  1. The property appears to be zoned 2F-5000, so it would require quite a variance to expand the building(s) on the property.

  2. The backyard is actually its own building lot, so that might give the owner a lot more flexibility to go big.