Boston University to launch $1.8b plan

The Globe takes a look at the new plan for our neighbor to the east in this story. You can also use this link to the 32 page report (6MB file) - "Choosing to be Great - a Vision of Boston University - Past, Present and Future - The University's 2007 Strategic Plan"

In contrast to Harvard and BC planning to physically expand, BU's plan puts more emphasis on hiring faculty, increasing faculty salaries, increasing fundraising (so more financial aid can be given, more endowed professorships can be created, etc.), improving undergrad and graduate education and research.

Page 23 of the report stresses "strengthening and expanding the University’s connections to Boston".
"We intend to continue our long and proud tradition of service-based and professional learning in the city of Boston.This commits us to leading in areas of community engagement such as K–12 education, health-care outreach, and public service. By accomplishing these goals, we will give our students invaluable experiences for contextualizing their classroom education and for service-based learning, in the best tradition of a hands-on Boston University education.

It also commits us to bringing the rich cultural life of this University to our city, including exhibits, lectures, and performances that are open to the community. In recent years we have built or renovated outstanding performance venues,and we are determined to welcome our neighbors onto our campus and into those facilities."

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  1. Not only does BU pay almost three times more than Harvard in PILOTS (FY06 $4.2B vs $ 1.8B), but now this!

    Makes me proud to be a BU graduate.

    Well done. Alex Selvig, '87.