North Harvard St improvements

Some nice improvements are underway along North Harvard Street. Making good on its 1997 promise, Harvard is replacing the ugly tall fence between its soccer fields and the sidewalk. The new fence looks like more chain link (too bad) but it is placed several feet away from the sidewalk which will make it feel less imposing to the pedestrian. The new sidewalks being poured are another step in the right direction of making some long overdue physical improvements around here.


  1. Can they PLEASE repave the street? I can't believe my bike is still in one piece after riding on it.

  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Charlie et al,

    North Harvard is in awful condition especially for bicycles. Call the City's Public Works Highway Department at 635-4950. They will send an inspector out to evaluate the street and if it is determined to be in need of repaving put it onthe list to be done next year. If enough people call maybe they will move it up on the list.

    Jeff Bryan