Turnpike Board approves smaller than expected toll hike

Turnpike Board approves smaller than expected toll hike - Local News Updates - The Boston Globe

The board of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority approved a preliminary toll hike today that was smaller than anticipated, putting off bridge repairs and other expenses in hopes that the governor's plan to reorganize transportation will create some "breathing room."
The proposed hike on Jan. 1 would raise tolls at the Allston-Brighton and Weston booths by 25 cents to $1.25. Tolls in the Ted Williams and Sumner tunnels would increase by 50 cents to $3.50.

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  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I understand that East Boston and South Boston residents (and some North End residents I believe) are given discounted Fastland transponders as mitigation for the Big Dig. Shouldn't Allston/Brighton residents also be given a discount for using those tolls?

    It's ridiculous that Allston residents have to pay $1.00-1.25 for traveling approximately 3 miles of roadway from their downtown jobs. Perhaps the discount fastlane transponders can be sponsored by Harvard as mitigation for what will be a decade of ongoing construction and congestion due to truck traffic.