WBUR interviews students, faculty, and me about Harvard President Faust

Faust Faces Expectations (from the WBUR Newsroom)

Ceremonies in Cambridge today will officially recognize Drew Faust has Harvard's new President. Follow the link above to hear WBUR's take on what she might do with this powerful position (Real Player is needed to play the audio).

  • Faust is a Civil War scholar with relevant thoughts about war, women, and slavery. She compares her background to that of Bill Clinton, saying they are both products of the civil rights movement.
  • Women and African-Americans are underrepresented in the Harvard faculty and people hope Faust will help create more racial and gender balance at Harvard.
  • Faust should come to Allston (its only a mile from her Harvard Yard office) and talk with people who live there about Harvard's expansion
  • Harvard presidents have a moral pulpit from which they can accomplish important change.

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